Ted Hickman

5 points to keep in mind when designing a custom school tie

When designing any product getting the initial ideation and development decisions right is crucial to getting the best end result. This principle is very important when you are designing a custom school tie for your learning institution. Get it right and you have a tie that students are proud to wear. Get it wrong and you will have no control over the poor treatment and wearing of your school ties. Here are 5 points to keep in mind to ensure your custom school tie is fit for purpose.

  1. Try and stick to standard ties rather than clip-on

There has been a trend recently in school ties of increasing clip-on use. Whilst this has been done with the right intentions (to make sure the ties are worn correctly) it stops children from learning a valuable life skill. Also designing a standard custom necktie for your school increases its functionality

  • Make sure your school colours and logo are correctly displayed

One of the key benefits of designing a custom school tie is the flexibility over colour and logos that customization gives you. Decide early on if you are going for a printed or stitched logo and consider your school’s colours and which option would work best.

  • Ensure the tie is made of a comfortable material

Depending on the budget for your custom school tie it may be a good idea to invest in a more comfortable material like cotton or wool over polyester. This will increase the likelihood of your custom school tie being worn correctly by your students.

  • Try and match the tie to the rest of the school uniform

Creating your own custom school ties gives you a lot of flexibility on the shape, pattern and colours that can be used. We recommend matching this to the rest of the uniform as much as possible. This will help keep uniformity in what your students wear.  

Ordering your tie through an expert manufacturer

When it comes to finding the right provider of your custom school ties, try to ensure they give you flexibility on the different aspects of the tie. This will allow you to create the perfect product for your school. Good manufacturers will also give you a final quote so you know the investment you are making.

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