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6 Helpful Tips for Hiring a Boat for Your Next Event

When planning your next special event, like a birthday party or wedding, you’ll want to look into unique and memorable options. One option that can add excitement to any event is hiring your boat charter Melbourne to take guests on a fun ride around the river in Melbourne. 

However, it’s important to use caution when hiring boats for events so that everyone has an enjoyable time and gets home safely. Use these helpful tips from boating and event experts to help you hire the perfect Yarra River Cruises boat for your next event.

  1. Get Professional Help

If you’re planning an important event, be it a corporate function or an intimate dinner party, it’s often worth hiring an event planner to help take care of all of those little details. A good event planner will know how much food and beverages you need, what kind of boat you should hire, or whether it’s necessary to hire security guards. 

Plus, they often have strong connections with vendors, so they can get you discounts on services and equipment at Yarra River Cruises. They might even be able to negotiate group rates with hotels and restaurants that would otherwise cost more than your budget allows. With their assistance, finding somewhere affordable and suitable for your event is easy.

  1. Know What You Need

Before searching for boats, know what you need. Do you want to rent out an entire boat? How many people will be on board? Does it need a captain, or is it purely party and cruise? Thinking about your needs helps narrow down your options and makes it easier to identify which boating company is right for you. 

It also gives you a better idea of how much money you’ll have to spend. For example, if your event is big enough that you need more than one boat, renting two smaller ones could cost less than renting one large one. Also, some companies offer package deals that include captain services and food – so those are worth looking into as well. If price is a concern, try asking friends or family members if they have any connections in the industry – this can lead to great deals.

  1. Prepare Everything in Advance

If you’re planning on renting a boat, you’ll want to ensure that everything is planned in advance. Being organized will keep your event from running into delays and ensure that things run smoothly. If you’re celebrating something special, like a bachelorette party, ask around and see if your friends or family would like to help by taking care of small tasks (like decorating tables or bringing food). Or better yet, find a boat rental company that can help bring your bachelorette party ideas to life by arranging things themselves.

If possible, make all of your preparations in advance so that you can relax and have fun when it comes time for your event. And if you don’t already know how to operate a boat, hire someone who does! If you don’t feel comfortable navigating large vessels yourself, enlist an experienced captain to lead your way. This also helps eliminate any accidents caused by inexperience. The last thing anyone wants is an injury ruining their celebration.

Because of its stable nature and large capacity, hiring a yacht has many advantages over hiring other types of boats. A yacht will allow more people to board safely at once while still having enough space for amenities such as seating areas and bars.

  1. Don’t Overspend on Extras.

It’s tempting to load up on extras when booking the Yarra River Cruise boat for your event. You can rent tables, chairs, special lighting, and more. The problem is that those extra items can add up quickly and become major budget-busters. Instead of adding extra items and spending more money, simplify things by hiring only what you need.

  1. Think of Long-Term Use

While you may only be interested in renting a boat for your wedding or party, it’s best to think about using it long-term. This can make renting much more affordable and save you time because you’ll likely have multiple options from which to choose. 

If you plan on going on extended cruises, take safety precautions and be aware of what conditions are going to keep you safe. You may need life jackets or fire extinguishers, depending on where you plan on traveling. For example, if both people aboard won’t know how to swim well enough that they could save themselves if something happened while out at sea, then having safety equipment available is important.


After considering your budget, venue, and guests, it might be time to start thinking about how you want your event to look. Read on for the above helpful tips if you’re looking into renting a boat for your next celebration.

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