Ted Hickman

8 Best Eco Friendly Tote Bags For Business And Personal Use

Tote bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic and paper bags that are often used in grocery stores, outlet malls, and other commercial establishments throughout the world. Tote bags are reusable, comfortable, and stylish, but there are numerous kinds to be aware of. Let’s look at 8 of the best eco-friendly options for tote bags and why more establishments are offering them to customers.

  1. Cute Graphic Totes

Graphic totes have little images or phrases on them that can be funny, thought-provoking, inspiring, or simply eye-catching. These are preferred over bags with solid colors, especially since graphic totes allow companies to market their business and individuals to express their sense of style or personality.

  • Large, Patterned Totes

Patterned tote bags are a way to express your individuality and creativity while shopping for fresh produce in the market. Customized wine totes and shopping bags can have various patterns on them in any color you can imagine, so you can make your tote truly unique.

  • Nylon Totes

Nylon totes are see-through and convenient for buying fruits and vegetables. They come in many different colors, so you can even organize items while you shop based on the color of the tote. They pull closed easily using a drawstring and are lightweight, so you can carry all of your groceries comfortably.

  • Biodegradable Totes

If you want an even more sustainable tote bag, consider using biodegradable reusable bags. These leave behind no waste and do not contain polyester or any other plastics and chemicals that impede the degradation process. They’re easily folded up and can fit into purses or bags of all sizes.

  • Expandable Totes

Expandable tote bags are similar to nylon totes save for one difference – they expand. These don’t contain chemicals and are made using 100 percent cotton, so you can expect them to be comfortable. They can be used to hold up to 40 pounds, making them highly convenient.

  • Heavy Duty Totes

Heavy duty totes are typically made from canvas, which does not contain any chemicals. These, like expandable totes, are often outfitted with larger handles that allow for versatility when carrying items of any kind. They come in standard colors but can be customized using fabric paint, giving you a tote and an activity.

  • Water Resistant Totes

Water resistant totes are convenient – they’re easy to clean, durable, and the handle are strong and sturdy. These totes are often a bit on the large side, so you don’t have to struggle to fit your items into it and keep them safe from moisture.

  • Double Zipper Totes

Totes with a double zipper are available and come in different patterns and colors, so you can choose what you like the most. They have zippered pockets on the inside so you can keep things in their proper place; a pouch may also be included for extra storage space. Being familiar with the different types of reusable bags makes it easy to know exactly what you want the next time you’re looking for a new addition to your tote bag family or if you need something specific.

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