Ted Hickman

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a YouTube Channel

Becoming a YouTuber might sound like a fun idea, but it takes a lot of work to become truly successful. That said, if you can find the right topic and audience, create quality content, and strategize your approach, there’s no reason you can’t become the next YouTube star! If you’re thinking of starting a career on YouTube, this guide can get you started.

Choose a Niche

Make a list of everything that you’re passionate about. First and foremost, your niche should excite you and suit your personality. There’s absolutely no point in starting a channel dedicated to a trending topic if you couldn’t care less about it. So long as you make quality content, there will be an audience to watch it, so don’t worry too much about choosing the top trending niche just to get views.

Having a clear niche allows you to focus on expanding your knowledge in that specific area and become a true expert. You can always expand your niche later when you’ve got a solid audience.

Figure Out The Channel’s Goal

What is the purpose of your channel? What unique offering are you hoping to provide to the world? Whether you’re doing it out of passion or just for the money, you need to provide value to your audience. 

Your aim might be to educate people, in which case you’ll stick to tutorials, how-tos, and purely informational videos. Maybe you want to share your thoughts on life or provide a good old laugh. Whatever it is, decide on the goal and stick to it to build a name for yourself. Some variety is good but try to have a clear focus.


Now you need to brainstorm some video ideas. It can help to do research on your target audience – What are their favourite topics? What are some of the most asked questions? What makes them laugh? These are all questions you can ask to build ideas.

Create Your Channel

Choose a catchy name for your channel and write an accurate description. Try to include some keywords that relate to your niche (without making it sound forced).

You also need to think about your brand – the banner, profile image, and video thumbnails. To stand out, these need to be creative, eye-catching and legible on all kinds of screens. There should also be a common colour theme across your channel.


While gear is important, it’s not everything. Many of the top channels started with shoddy quality and worked their way up. A decent phone camera and good natural lighting is often all you need.


Now that you’re ready to publish your first video, it’s time to think about optimisation. You should do a keyword search on the topic, and use the top keywords in the video title, tags and description. Make the title punchy and exciting, and keep descriptions short and to the point.

Final Thoughts

Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from every video you publish. Your aim is to make people want to do something – visit this site, buy your product or just listen and engage. These are only the initial steps, and there is much more to learn along the way.

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