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Busting the top 4 myths of cloud hosting

Software solutions have surely become an inevitable part of each and every type of business. Whether you are looking forward to reach on the top of the pharmaceutical industry or in the research industry, you will have to take the help of software solutions. But regular technological advancement has allowed us to move into the future at a much faster pace and this has allowed businesses to abandon the old way of using software by installing them on the desktop. There is no denial in the fact that using software has become paramount for each and every type of business but if a business wants to take advantage of a software solution at its peak efficiency then it will have to use it on the cloud rather than installing it on the desktop.

Cloud is no more a new kid on the block and now it has become mature technology that is being used by many different kinds of businesses from all around the world. Whether you talk about the commercial sector or the government sector, everyone is using cloud in one form or another. And the most used cloud application among industries is surely cloud hosting.

In the cloud hosting solution, the application used by businesses is hosted on the cloud rather than being installed on the desktop. The business first chooses a cloud vendor and then that cloud vendor shifts the application on its cloud server which allows the business to use the software from anywhere and at any time. But there are many myths surrounding this popular cloud solution and because of these myths, many businesses restrict themselves from moving to the cloud. Well, in this blog post, we are going to debunk those myths and let you feel the real power of cloud hosting and its benefits.

It is expensive

One of the biggest myths regarding cloud hosting is it is very expensive. There is no denial in the fact that cloud hosting offers many advantages, and after looking at the long list of advantages offered by the cloud hosting solution, many businesses start thinking that such an advanced solution with so many benefits will surely be costly. But in actuality, cloud hosting is one of the most affordable technological solutions available in the market. Even small businesses with minimal budgets can easily opt for cloud hosing solution and unlock the power of cloud without burning a hole in their pocket. You will be surprised to know that you can opt for QuickBooks cloud hosting solution in even just $34.95 per month per user.

It is less secure

Another big misconception regarding cloud hosting solution is it is less secure. Most of the businesses are always concerned about their financial data as it is the most important data that any business owns. But many businesses think that if they will shift to the cloud hosting platform then the chances of their data being stolen will increase. Well, this is completely wrong and the truth is just opposite of this common myth. You should know that cloud accounting solutions like QuickBooks hosting or any cloud hosting software is completely secure as it comes with multiple layers of security. From two factor authentication to encrypted data, there are many things on the cloud that keeps your data safe and secure.

It is hard to learn

Another major misconception regarding cloud hosting solution like QuickBooks Premier hosting is it is very hard to learn. Most of the business owners don’t want to deal with any type of technical issue since most of them are not from IT backgrounds. But it doesn’t mean that you should keep yourself away from cloud while thinking that it is very hard to learn. When you will shift to the cloud platform then you will realize that you are getting the same interface that you have been using on the desktop. Well, this wipes out the chances of a steeper learning curve and you are able to start working on your application right from day one. In addition to this, even if you face any type of technical issue, it will be taken care by the cloud vendor and you will not have to worry about it as cloud vendors offer round the clock customer support.

The transition is complicated

There are many businesses that think that shifting from their traditional desktop installed software system to the modern cloud hosting solution will surely be a complicated process and it can also lead to data loss. Well, there is no denial in the fact that you will have to make sure the transition from traditional software system to cloud happens smoothly but it doesn’t mean that the transition is very complicated and you will always lose data while making the shift.

You should know that if you will choose a reputed cloud vendor then you will not have to worry about the transition. Most of the reputed cloud vendors are well versed in dealing with the transition and that’s why mistakes is not a part of their service and especially during transition. You are never going to lose data or pose any type of threat to your business solution while making the move from traditional business solutions to the cloud.

These are some of the most common misconceptions or we can say myths that prevail in the market. If you really want to use cloud hosting in the best possible way and unlock the power of cloud then you should get rid of all such myths.

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