Ted Hickman

How to Build Business Network in any Field

Building business relationships with other people is important in any industry. It can be said that without building these relationships, an organization’s performance and growth are very limited. For an instance, in the field of tourism, building relationships and trust with local people can give rise to a lot of opportunities. For a culinary tour company, such local connections can give it the opportunity to open up new outlets and to expand its area of operation. Here are some ways by which you can build your business network in the hospitality industry.

One: Identify the gaps in the market. One of the most important steps in establishing a business network or in developing one is identifying the supply chain gaps or lacunas in the market. One common problem in the hospitality industry is that there are very few consumers for seafood products. In order to fill the gap, producers and suppliers alike are looking at new ways of improving their production process and of course by improving the quality of the seafood they produce.

Two: Work closely with some culinary suppliers. In the hospitality industry, many producers and suppliers often have established relationships, which can be developed into business networks. For example, if you are running a pub business, you might need to contact sellers that tend to supply automatic beer systems and glasses. That’s why establishing a relationship with some culinary suppliers can be beneficial. They might help you in those tough times when the revenue of your business is at the lowest (during Covid lockdowns).

Three: Contribute to the community. Of course we are talking about tourism here. People always look for a way to support the community where they intend to spend their vacation. There is a lot of room for contribution, and a great way to do this is through contributing funds to charity or undertaking a community service project. There are a lot of medium enterprises that are looking for help in their local community. There are also a lot of charitable institutions, which are looking for volunteers to fill in the administrative duties.

Four: Develop contacts. The fourth strategy is to develop contacts with the top officials in the business development area. You must be doing some amount of networking every day and try to meet as many people as possible. Your goal is to build a business network by building contacts with the higher officials and the managers. By meeting them, you will be able to discuss the medium enterprises you would like to be part of and you will also be able to understand better what the organization does.

Five: Submit an original and comprehensive proposal. You are very lucky if you are being nominated for a scholarship for international doctoral students. If you get chosen, then your proposal could either be a part of the selection or you could win the award. And if you are winning awards, then you can be sure that your business network is strong enough to back you up. To be an outstanding candidate for the award, you need to present a very comprehensive and impressive proposal.

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