Ted Hickman

How to Find the Best Executive Assistant

At the management level, the return on investment for a qualified assistant can be considerable. Successful executive assistants go beyond that to ensure that the company is moving in the right direction and that the executives who support it are above everything. In general, the work delegated to a low-cost worker works better. 

Your personal assistant can play many different roles, from taking on tasks such as scheduling executive appointments to managing and running personal errands. Management assistants, also known as personal assistants, play a key role in any company by supporting one or more managers, such as high-ranking officials such as the CEO or the owner of the company. They are similar to administrative assistants in that administrative assistants tend to concentrate on office work, but management assistants are responsible for assisting managers with higher-level tasks within the company. 

Faced with today’s ebb and flow of administrative workloads, many managers are looking for an external assistant who is available to meet their company’s needs. Like the nutrition of the body, many remote management assistants are silent powerhouses in the background, driving growth and ensuring that things run smoothly for the management and the company. They become the right hands because they are supported and supported in the fulfilment of personal and professional tasks. 

This process can be replicated by hiring a dedicated external executive assistant, using a specialist executive assistant staffing service, which is a great way to communicate your unique preferences to someone who is able to learn and apply them to their tasks. Large external assistants are able to help you with everything from process to documentation. 

They must draw up an honest list of responsibilities and duties so that candidates know what to expect on the first day. Before you begin advertising for vacancies, make a list of tasks you expect your assistant to do such as typing, scheduling, answering phone calls and returning emails. It is also a good idea to document small steps and tasks before you work with your external executive assistant. 

Try to get the candidate to list 5-7 strengths and ask for examples to understand the strengths in context. Weaknesses and red flags that are at odds with the best 4-7 skills you are looking for should be the primary purpose of this question to assess the honesty of the candidates. In-depth follow-up questions covering specific skills and qualifications can also be associated with these types of questions. 

Knowing when and how to take action is great for an EA that can react quickly and solve unexpected problems. Doing something as small as ensuring an exceptional assistant has lunch before a big meeting can have a big impact on filtering out distractions and keeping them on track to meet deadlines. 

They can change gears if they see that their original task has been completed in time. Skilled assistants pay close attention to changes in the behaviour and temperament of managers and understand that timing and judgment are the basis for a smooth working relationship. A good EA can summarize a situation, gather the necessary information, ask the right questions, and act accordingly.

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