Ted Hickman

How to Succeed at Affiliate Marketing

It’s true what they say that the easiest business to get into these days is probably affiliate marketing. However, there is another truism attached to this, which is indeed that of the fact that because of just how easy it is to get into affiliate marketing, making a success out of it becomes the challenge. And what a challenge it is!

As a reader of a blog such as this one, chances are you have indeed tried your hand at affiliate marketing in some or another way. You might have even heard of investors and entrepreneurs like Chance Welton, who have carved a niche for themselves in this niche.

Anyhow, I’m going to divulge the secret in any case, which I’m sure you’ll agree with me on, even if your success has been realised in somewhat of a different fashion.

The ultimate secret to affiliate marketing success

So there are indeed a few different ways through which affiliate marketing success can be realised, but if you’re going to follow the generic advice as it is and not work at adding your unique DNA into the mix, you’re going to continue playing among the realms of all the affiliate marketers who carry that title by name only. You’re going to continue making the numbers of the more negative statistic of failed affiliate marketers.

So what is the generic approach?

The generic approach to affiliate marketing is touted by even those who have themselves never realised any success at it, yet they preach it as gospel. That’s of course the advice that you should build a mailing list to which you periodically send out valuable content that helps you build up trust with your subscribers. You would have likely built your mailing list by offering some kind of free report or guide which is referred to as the value proposition you trade for your prospects’ names and emails.

You then proceed to set them up for an ultimate offer, something which is approached in one or more of a number of different ways, like taking the subscribers through different sales funnels with high ticket items and all of that.

The only way in which that works is if the same system is being sold to people who harbour a desire to make a success out of affiliate marketing, which is why Internet Marketers sell this system instead of actually selling products and services via the very same systems they tout. This is not to say nobody is making a success out of using these systems to sell actual products or services which don’t fall under the Internet Marketing niche.

The approach that works

So going back to the ultimate secret to affiliate marketing success, it comes down to a simple matter of selling products and services to people who already buy those products and services.

Build a mailing list of people who pay a monthly web hosting fee , for instance, and get them to sign up to a new web hosting plan using your web hosting reseller affiliate link, or something like that!

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