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How to use Live streaming to promote your business

It has never been so important for businesses to reach their target customers online. And there is no better tool available than live streaming to connect with a global audience instantly. Live streaming is the best marketing opportunity to take advantage of to promote your business. Customers these days are tech-savvy and not so responsive to conventional marketing strategies. The live broadcast brings an interactive element to marketing and can help businesses to improve customer relationships and build trust.

Creating a personal bond with your target customers is where the success of marketing lies; therefore, integrating live streaming is an intelligent strategy to work on your brand image and loyalty.

Leverage live streaming to promote your business

Live streaming is a fresh and efficient way to pull your target customers to your marketing campaigns. When well-trusted brands broadcast compelling content live, your prospects can’t ignore it. That is why most entrepreneurs are looking for ways on how to make a live streaming website. Let’s look into some of the effective methods to use live streaming in a way that helps your business promotions.

Unleash the creativity

Live streaming is versatile when it comes to powering your marketing strategies. The opportunity to reach out to your audience with any type of content is limitless. From vlog-style informal live streams to professionally live stream events, you have a broad range of content to choose from.

Here are some of the ways to use live streaming for your brand:

  • Showcase your products

Use the technique of live streaming to demonstrate your products and their (products’) usage to your customers. There is no better opportunity than live videos to take your product line directly to a vast global audience. You can also conduct live shows for your product launches to directly sell them to them. However, before you go into the process of live streaming, ask yourself this: Is this going to be similar to a product launch event? If the answer is yes, then it might be imperative to use an event management software application that can make it easier for you to stay in control from the start until the end. You would need something that can help you measure the event’s success after it is over. Moreover, you might require an event management software application that can give attendees a memorable experience. That said, if it is a virtual event then you may need a software tool that will help you reach clients easily. It is important to remember that event management apps can provide the much needed coordination and collaboration, whether the event is B2B or direct B2C. If you are interested, you can go to the website to learn more about event management software applications.

  • Instructional videos

If you are releasing a new product, you can use live streaming to show your customers about how to use it. The options are limitless depending on the type of business you have.

  • Live stream events

Stream your upcoming event live to allow people who are not able to show up for the event to be a part of it. When live streaming a big event, make sure that you have an excellent live streaming setup covering different angles so that viewers can experience it as if they are watching the show in real.

  • Show behind the stage scenes

Most of us are keen on watching what happens behind the stage, especially for a big show or an event we love. If you are planning to live stream an event or a product launch, consider using live broadcasts to build excitement among your viewers even before the actual event starts.

Live streaming software feature analytics tools that help find the level of viewer engagement on each live broadcast. The inbuilt analytics dashboard helps to rank the streams according to the total hours watched, traffic spike, demographics, willingness to purchase, etc. Measuring ROI allows businesses to prioritize their digital marketing efforts allowing businesses to test and optimize their business.

Encourage the audience to participate

Consider The Dinner Detective Theater group as an example, where while performing, they don’t enact alone on the stage. Instead, they amalgamate into the crowd, and create a narrative where they include the audience as a part of their play, and keep everyone entertained. In contrast, live streams should also be conducted with everyone actively participating in the event, as this theater group does. It is a platform that allows the audiences to become promoters. This will help you keep your viewers engaged and reach more potential customers. You can leverage live chat to engage your audience by answering their comments. During your live broadcasts, make sure you address your viewers by their names to build a personal connection instantly. Consider arranging interactive sessions or giveaways where your viewers can also participate and be an active part of your live broadcasts. Use such opportunities to promote your products and to increase your reach and engagement.

Effective tips for creating successful live streams

Broadcasting live videos seems simple, but it can be daunting in reality, especially if you are doing it the first time. To bring the best results out of your live broadcasts and to grow your business, leverage the following tips when integrating live streaming into your marketing plan efficiently

Prepare a plan for your live broadcasts

The true essence of live streaming lies in the fact that it happens in real time and is unscripted. But a little planning will not harm its charm; it would just prepare you to deliver your live streams with much confidence. When planning your live videos, prepare a script where you note down the flow of the session and the essential points. This will help you not to miss out on any point when you are actually going live.

Curate the content your audience like to watch

If you are doubtful about the topics to live stream, you can ask your viewers directly about the type of content they like to see. Creating the content your viewers love to watch is a significant step towards enhancing the performance of your live streams. When finding a topic, think from your audience’s perspective, why they follow your brand, and what is that your customers love about your brand. It might be your products that attract them or your branding, or the entertainment element or to connect with your community.

Create a live streaming strategy

When you are just starting with integrating live streaming into your marketing plan, create a plan. Map out what type of content you are going to broadcast live and how you will enhance the engagement of your live sessions. After each live stream, measure the level of engagement by looking at the analytics. According to the analytics data, you can create a new plan for the next live broadcasts to increase the viewership and interactivity.

Have the right live streaming set up

The most convenient aspect of live streaming is that it doesn’t require a studio set up to broadcast live videos for business purposes. However, it would be best to have the basic setup to produce the great quality live broadcasts. If you have an iPhone or a quality smartphone, that is sufficient enough as long as you can satisfy the goals you want to achieve. However, if you are live streaming a big event and want to capture visuals from multiple angles, consider using a decent quality camera, microphone, and lighting set up.

You might also need a live streaming platform to have better control over the content you create and the revenue you generate. Use a scalable live video streaming software to create your live streaming solution with all the essential features and the unique customizations you would like to have.


Live streaming is a powerful business tool to establish personal connections between your customers and to deliver an authentic brand experience. The bond and trust you make with your target customer base is something that would strengthen your marketing efforts. If you are not leveraging live streaming to promote your business yet, it is high time that you must unleash the potential of live streaming.

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