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Modern Day Gift-Giving Trends

Not all gift-giving trends are linked to the timing of the holiday season. Consider the following modern-day gift-giving trends, in the context of the modern holiday gifting landscape.

Living in an age of sophisticated lifestyle magazines and the Internet, the traditional idea of buying something for someone based on what they like or could use is starting to wane. Today’s consumer recognizes that today’s ideal gifts can come from online art galleries and Etsy crafts sites rather than from traditional retailers. Although taking your time when searching for the right jewelry is often appreciated by the gift receiver.

Gifts That Make You Feel Good

Giving a gift that makes you feel good can make the receiver feel good too. Chocolates, candles and local art purchases all inspire positive feelings. If your giftee is someone who enjoys the occasional joint, and recreational cannabis is legal where you live, then you can also consider gifting them a few buds of tom ford pink kush or other strains they might enjoy! If they prefer to grow their cannabis at home, Zamnesia’s Sensi seeds make a perfect gift for those looking for an easy grow in the comfort of their home. Perhaps you could get them something for the same cause but a tad more long lasting, and super cool too. I’m sure these glow in the dark bongs would suffice! Watch their eyes light up as they see what you got them.

Make-Your-Own-Christmas Gift Ideas

Just as we don’t all need the latest smartphone or a trip to Hawaii for Christmas, we don’t necessarily need another sweater or another set of earrings.

Instead of buying gifts for your loved ones, check out some of these modern day gift ideas.

Make-your-own bath bombs sets, which you can get interactive with and craft together with the gift recipient.

Chic pillows.

Bath bombs and lotions.

Baby beanies.

Precious stones.

Art and design on a napkin.

Forgetting the Date Gift

If the holidays mean something to you, make a conscious decision to keep your gift buying short. Avoid buying anything that you’ll likely just forget about, like an anniversary gift or anniversary gift. And don’t just buy the next edition of the latest issue of a magazine. Spend your money and your time on something truly meaningful to you.

Gifts for Successful Moms

When someone says they’re looking for the perfect gift for their mother, it’s often the mom who hears the words. You’re more likely to find moms who need more help than moms who are looking for gifts.

Duckie Ferguson suggests investing in some gifts that will help mothers be more successful in their roles.

“Get them professional service like a babysitter who doesn’t just drop off a crying baby or a house cleaner who doesn’t just clean up a kitchen with dirty dishes in it. Get them a professional organizer to help with every single closet, drawer and area in their home. Get them a housekeeper who also helps with any of the other things like dusting and vacuuming. Buy them a personal chef who gets the meal on the table at a decent time and makes healthy dinners for them.”

A lovely gift for a new mom.

Modern Day Gifts

Looking for a gift that has more modern-day benefits than novelty?

Personalized bags.


Warm jackets.

Personalised Umbrellas

Foot warmers.

Growler kits.


Health and wellness gifts.

Parking placards.

Promotional gift certificates.

Foraging cards.

Bath bombs.

Passport holders.

Self-drying towels.

The new Uber gift cards.

Sous vide cooking kit.


Artisanal coffee.

Smokeless fireplaces.

Bean bags.

Camping equipment.

Organic skincare.

Bingo night gift bags.

Crisp bags.

Clean-up kits.

Ice-cold glasses.

Mom bingo card.

Indoor gardening kits.

Indoor gardening seed packets.

Organic glass food jars with a twists, such as custom cannabis jars in the case that it’s an appropriate gift for the recipient, of course.

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