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Modern Day Industrial Safety Standards

Safety standards have progressed significantly over time and today most industrial employers use the established ISO, CE, BS, CORSAIR and similar standards to set and evaluate their safety procedures. The best commercial real estate lawyer will know a thing or two about industrial safety standards.

While there is always room for improvement, standards do help us all work more safely. Our commitment to safety should also extend to our environment which is why environmental remediation could be utilized by companies too. Anyway, a simple tip that can ensure your safety is to be sure that you have a safety representative present when you are working at a hazardous location. This person will be able to recognize the potential hazards to you. Also, don’t forget to use the latest fire extinguishers, which provide better safety and can save your life.

Effective Training

Modern Industrial Safety standards require that you have training in the process safety management system. By the time the site you visit which has rig mats for sale is fully operational, stringent industrial safety measures have been implemented. This training is designed to teach you the specific steps that you must take before you are allowed to enter the hazardous area and the steps you should take as you progress through the process. These steps include determining the path of the emergency, directing personnel through the process to do anything required by the safety system, and assessing the damage and setting the steps to prevent further damage.

No Complaining

If you do find yourself in an unsafe working environment, you have the right to complain and request an employee assistance program, which is a free, national program designed to help ensure workers are safe and secure in any hazardous situation. This program provides you with the opportunity to address any unsafe working conditions you have encountered. You will be contacted by your safety representative and given the option to accept assistance or decline it.


Once someone makes a success of drone technology, the list of applications will likely expand dramatically. Last month, Google’s Project Wing announced plans to use drones to deliver packages to people in the area. Once drones can deliver around a pound of goods and perform precision precision landings, they’ll have huge advantages over existing delivery vehicles, including over lawnmowers. But drones haven’t caught on as fast as people would hope, at least not with professional photographers. Perhaps the biggest problem for drones has been the lack of reliable networking tools. When drones need to share data, they have to connect to a central server and connect to the internet.

Nevertheless, a drone can and is already being used by some forward thinking organizations to facilitate the surveying of industrial sites in order to ensure safety standards are adhered to.


Safer is better. One simple tip that will ensure your safety is to make sure you have your safety representative in the room when you are working in a hazardous area. This person will be able to point out the potential hazards, and you can follow up on any safety issues that come up as you proceed through the process.

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