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SEO for Dentist: 7 Tips to Out-Shine Your Competitors

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Marketing is a must for any business, especially in fields like dentistry. You and your competitors offer similar services, which means marketing is your way of standing out from the crowd. Digital marketing in general, and strategies like SEO, in particular, are some of the most effective tools in your arsenal. With so many potential customers using the internet to find essential services, online marketing is your best way to get your clinic’s name out there where they can find it.

Like any other marketing strategy, it pays to know how to use SEO properly to ensure you’re using it to the fullest. Finding quality SEO partners to work with is one way you can bolster your online marketing, these may be found by searching terms that are location-specific, such as local seo nz, for example. Alternatively, you can also apply some of the basics on your own. Remember these handy SEO tips to help you stand out and make your brand memorable.

  1. Insert the right keywords

    Keywords are your bread and butter when it comes to SEO. Keywords are your way of appearing on relevant search results and making sure would-be patients find you when they need dental services. The trick to using keywords properly is using specific ones that relate to the services you offer. For example, the word “dentist” is too generic to offer you significant results. On the other hand, more specific keywords like “Etobicoke dentist” narrow down your scope to that area. Location-specific keywords allow you to appear only on those search results that matter to you, in this case, those of patients closest to you.

  2. Keep user intent in mind

    Using keywords involves more than just placing them through your content. It also pays to consider your users’ intent. For instance, consider the keywords “tips for better toothbrushing” vs. “where to get teeth whitened.” The first set of keywords signify a desire to learn more, whereas the second set implies an interest in dental services. It’s always a good idea to use your keywords creatively to match the intent of potential clients.

    One tip that can assist you in making the most of your keywords is using long-form keywords (e.g. emergency dentist in Guelph). As they’re longer, these keywords are more specific, allowing you to achieve higher ranks for them. The more specific the keywords you use, the less competition you’ll have to worry about for them. This also makes it easier to match your content to more qualified leads, giving you more business from each click.

  3. Optimize for local searches

    When it comes to attracting new patients, your best bet is to target nearby prospects. Like other local businesses, most of your clients will come from nearby. With that in mind, it’s typically best to target potential patients in your local area, as these are the people most likely to come to your clinic for their dental needs. Incorporating location-based keywords, like cities or street names, is great for narrowing down where you operate. Alternatively, you can also create and optimize your Google My Business page. This page contains your clinic’s basic information, like address, contact details, and operating hours, giving Google a more complete picture of your business. Not only is it a way to grab Google’s attention, but it also gives prospects a snapshot of what to expect from your clinic.

  4. Update your site for increased user-friendliness

    One of the cardinal rules for digital marketing is creating a positive experience for your users. Your site serves the same function online as your clinic does in the real world: it’s a representation of your brand and business. It’s vital your site presents a clean and professional look to promote your clinic to would-be patients.

    Having a simple, but professional layout is a good place to start, but it’s also crucial you optimize the site’s performance to make a favourable impression on visitors. Test the site speed to ensure your pages load quickly; page speed plays a major role in getting visitors the content they want and keeping them on-page. While you’re at it, make sure your pages are optimized for mobile. More and more users use mobile devices to find essential services. Invest in responsive design to make sure you accommodate them whenever they visit the site.

  5. Develop quality content

    As a professional SEO company will tell you, content is king. Useful content is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. Many times, visitors to your site aren’t looking for dental services. In those cases, they’re actually looking for solutions to simple problems they may have. For example, your visitors may be looking for information on what to do in case of chipped or cracked teeth. Your content provides answers on how to proceed, which is particularly helpful in case of dental emergencies. Commit to creating quality content and releasing it regularly. Not only is it a great way to offer some additional service to your patients, it’s also a way to build some trust and goodwill for your brand.

  6. Encourage patient reviews

    When it comes to choosing a dentist, one thing patients look at is reviews from previous patients. Most users look at reviews as a way to gauge the performance of a service from a third-party’s perspective. If you market your clinic as a quality cosmetic dentist in Ottawa, for example, it helps to have plenty of patient reviews to reinforce the claim. Like word-of-mouth, patients tend to trust reviews from other customers. Encourage your patients to leave some reviews after every session with you. Give them the opportunity to rate your work in invoices or emails to make it easier to get those reviews you want. You can also create a review page so patients can read patient reviews on your site when gauging your clinic. Alternatively, you can place those reviews on your Google My Business page. In addition to all your other business information, prospects can also check out your reviews as they make the buyer’s journey toward choosing your clinic.

  7. Earn plenty of links

    One more way to build your trustworthiness as a dentist is having plenty of links to other sites. Having links to trustworthy external sites is a great way to improve your online visibility and attract more traffic. Reach out to other bloggers and industry leaders to ask if they can share your content where their audiences can read it and learn about you. These links serve as endorsements for the content you produce. As a rule, the more links you have, and the more trustworthy they are, the more favourably Google looks at your site.

SEO is a simple tool to use, as far as marketing tools go. It’s easy to start using on your own, cost-effective to invest in, and even small adjustments can pay off in time. However, to take your digital marketing to the next level, it may be a good idea to work with a professional digital marketing provider. However you proceed, keep these tips in mind to ensure you’re using your SEO to the fullest and attracting more qualified traffic.

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