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Top 5 Software Tools for Commercial Real Estate Investing:

With time technology has evolved. New tools and technology are being used for completing various tasks. Nowadays, people put technology to use instead of their minds. Individuals utilizing softwares make more profits in a shorter time. Even for commercial real estate investing, having powerful software is much more feasible.

With the right tools, people can maximize their profits. Digital tools help you forecast multiple costs, prepare presentations for shareholders and analyze the changing trends in the market. It is easier to search properties and find exclusive deals with specialized systems, and software like CRM (which you can continue reading about here) can help you to manage your leads, as well as help with other aspects of marketing. The right platform provides you with an edge against competitors. However, for maximum benefit, it is necessary to use top-ranked tools. Here are some software’s that come in handy for commercial real estate investing.


With Argus, you can evaluate property value, cash flow statements, and budget plans. It is a one-of-a-kind management tool that helps manage funds and investments. If you want to reuse your profits for your business, you need a comprehensive plan. For example, how much to invest? And where to invest?

With the assistance of Argus, individuals can make the right decisions at the right time. It uses macroeconomic data to predict future outcomes. Whether a decision is risky or not, Argus can quickly find the answer for you.

Along with managing funds, this tool also provides reports for prime investors. Your partners and investors always remain informed about the progress of the business. Being an enterprise-level solution makes teamwork easier. So you won’t feel trouble sharing or integrating data over this platform.


Investors wish to see the profits and returns in any investment. Once you have the assistance of CREmodel, projecting data in the form of numbers becomes easier. If a real estate agent wishes to take his small business to a higher level, he will need a good CRE lending and investing software platform.

A popular investment software is the CREmodel. It helps individuals differentiate between various commercial properties. The main function of the software is to generate detailed reports about the cost and profitability of a project. So, you can easily decide whether to invest in apartments, office spaces, or other industrial properties.

Furthermore, a CREmodel will calculate the return on your investment, provide you with the net present value, internal return rate, and much more. Anyone who wishes to attract lenders and investors needs this tool.


Amongst all tools available in the market, RealData is the best choice. Whether you run a small or a large real estate business, it will meet your demands. You can operate the software without any additional help. Moreover, this excel-based software is capable enough to impress lenders, clients, and your future partners. It serves multiple purposes, such as informing investors whether a property is worth an investment or not and analyzing opportunities to enhance business.

The most significant ability of RealData is that it produces compelling presentations. Detailed presentations help attract investors by showing them the value of a property. For individuals developing commercial properties, this is an ideal application. If you need to create feasibility plans or need help in managing costs, all is possible through this single platform. You will only need to enter relevant data, and the system will create everything for you.


If individuals require help in the CRE life cycle, they should opt for RealNex. It is a tool dedicated to commercial real estate investing. With this single tool, individuals can manage large-sized projects. From sharing documents to monitoring daily activities, it can do almost everything. It even offers 57 different modules to choose from for your presentation. People who wish to track rents and investments can take advantage of this software.

Another great benefit of having RealNex is that it finds profitable investment opportunities. You can privately chat with sellers and secure deals before your competitors. Sometimes, a seconds delay can cause you to lose an opportunity. However, with these integrated software solutions, you can close deals faster.

Property Metrics:

It is a popular tool for people who have commercial properties or wish to invest in an income-generating property. With the Property Metrics tool, individuals can create financial documents and even handle matters related to leasing terms. Before investing, you can make assumptions and test them out with the help of this platform.

It might have been tough generating income statements in the past but not anymore. Such helpful software can produce future cash flow statements for banks and other investing parties. Moreover, it’s easy to operate the software from any laptop or device.

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