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What is OnlyFans? How to Start a Business like Onlyfans using xFans?

“What is OnlyFans?” One wouldn’t be surprised if this soon turns out to be the million-dollar question! It is one of the most rapidly growing online adult services out there.

The adult content industry is massive these days, with websites such as XXX Tube 1 and other similar ones catering to very specific needs of people. OnlyFans is also a part of this industry, and it runs on a model that can be fairly easily imitated.

Because OnlyFans has been making huge strides since it was launched in 2016 and every aspiring entrepreneur wants to start an OnlyFans-like business! Guess what? A few of them have already started and are doing pretty well!

But wait! You’re not late for the party!

The trend is just kicking in and you’ve got all the time in the world to grow yourself as a good OnlyFans competitor! And that’s the reason why you’re here as well!

So, before we get started with the steps to build your OnlyFans-like website, let’s go through the basics!

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based community membership platform that’s similar to Patreon. OnlyFans can be used by both the fans and the creators where fans would have to opt-in for a monthly subscription to gain access to the creator’s profile.

Some of the most significant features of OnlyFans are,

Subscription Model – Both free and paid subscription models. Creators can set the subscription price according to their choice.

Built-in eCommerce Store – Creators can sell merchandise to fans using the eCommerce platform set up within.

Pay-Per-View Content – When a creator plans to go for the free subscription method, he/she can make money using the pay-per-view content model.

Private 1-1 Messaging – Users can chat with their favorite creators via the private 1-1 chat option. They can also send tips to creators while chatting with them.

Clean UI/UX – OnlyFans follows an experience-first approach and users/models have no trouble doing what they want to. The platform is clean and has its UI/UX part well designed.

One reason what made OnlyFans shoot to fame is its allow-all content policy. There’s no ban on adult content which might be the reason why paid OR free onlyfans can be seen gaining this level of global popularity and has more than 70 million users today!

Now that you have a quick overview of OnlyFans, let’s move to the next part of the read!

How to Start a Business Like OnlyFans?

There’s an option to build a site like OnlyFans from scratch but it would just cost way too much (approximately $50,000). And the timeframe would be around 1-2 months!

This is why we’re going to go use an OnlyFans clone script.

An OnlyFans clone script is used to build a site like OnlyFans. This helps save time and the cost is way less when compared to building it from scratch.

There are a lot of OnlyFans clone scripts out there but we’re going to go with xFans.

Why? Here you go!

xFans – OnlyFans Clone Script

Put in a phrase, xFans is one of the best OnlyFans clone scripts around!

xFans has got all the above-mentioned features of OnlyFans and more that’ll help you to build a site like OnlyFans with ease!

The script allows room for high-level customization and since it’s white-label, there’s going to be no forced branding!

Okay! Let’s get started with the steps, shall we?

Steps to Build a Site Like OnlyFans with xFans

No small talk! Let’s get down to business!

Step 1: Buy a Domain Name

The first thing you need to do to start a website like OnlyFans is buy a domain name. Here’s the tricky thing when you do this – you have to make sure that the domain name represents your business clearly.

For example, OnlyFans clearly tells us that it is only for fans! You get the idea, right?

Step 2: Choose a Hosting Provider

Once you’ve bought the domain name, it’s time you choose a hosting provider. Make sure that you choose a hosting provider that allows you to stream adult content.

Note: Here’s where xFans makes the job easy for you. When you opt to go with xFans OnlyFans clone script, you don’t have to purchase a domain name and a hosting plan separately. All you have to do is, head to M3Server, choose a hosting plan and you can claim your free domain name during the checkout process.

Step 3: Install xFans Script on the Server

Head to Adent.io. Purchase xFans script and install it on the server. You don’t have to do this by yourself because the xFans support team will take care of the process.

Step 4: Customize Your OnlyFans-like Website

Let the xFans team know your requirements and they’ll customize it the way you want. You also get the complete source code when you purchase the script.

Step 5: Set Payment Gateways & Add Your First Model

Once everything mentioned above is done, you’ve got to set the payment gateways for your platform. This feature comes built-in with xFans. You just have to add the specifics!

Do a few marketing activities and your OnlyFans like website will be all ready to invite your first creator and user!

That was simple, wasn’t it? You can build your OnlyFans like website in literally 5 steps. And it’s going to take a maximum of 1-2 weeks and cost you around $2500!

Now that we’re done, time to wrap it up!

Final Few Words

OnlyFans has more than 70 million users and 1 million creators as of now. And the platform made $400million as revenue in 2020.

With the social media subscription trend just on the rise, there could be no better time for you to start a website like OnlyFans.

So, you’ve got everything you need – you know what OnlyFans is, you know how to set up a website like OnlyFans and a solution for that as well!

All that’s left for you to do is, get started like right away!

P.S. Let us know when you’re done! We’d like to know how it comes outÄŸŸ˜‰!

So, cheers then! Create Your OnlyFans Website Today!

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