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What is the cost involved in push notification advertisement?

If you have ever used a smartphone, you would be familiar with push notifications. Basically, push notifications are messages that appear on the home screen of your smartphone or browser every time there is a new update from a website or an app.

It is user-friendly, highly engaging, and much more profitable marketing tools. If you want to know more about push notification advertising and the cost of push notifications, you have come to the right place.

What is push notification advertising

In general, push notifications are little messages that appear at least a couple of times a day on your web browser or smartphone screen. They are sent by websites or apps and are typically any updates, news, weather forecasts, alerts, social media updates, logistics changes, or whatever information their target users are interested in. To be specific, push notification advertising delivers advertisements to user screens instead of general information.

This is how it works. First, the target audience must agree to receive push messages from a website or an app. Ads get delivered to user devices in the form of notifications even when they are not browsing the site. When users click on the notifications, users get redirected to an ongoing offer or a landing page that can be designed by using services like https://lineardesign.com/services/landing-page-design/.

How can you benefit from push notifications?

Push notifications are a new form of advertising, it is so powerful and beneficial in several ways. It not only helps in expanding your user base quickly, but there are also many benefits advertisers can take advantage of.

Real and junk-free traffic

With push notifications, users have to gain access to receive your push notifications which make the traffic more real. You can guarantee the traffic you get are from real human users and not bot traffic. To maintain the non-intrusive nature, you can limit the number of notifications and give them the option to unsubscribe at any point in time. All these factors assure the best quality traffic and authentic audience for your push campaigns.

Exceptional reach and performance

Push notifications allow you to deliver your messages right on the user’s browser ensuring maximum exposure and high click-through rates when compared to other forms of advertising.

One of the best features of push notifications is that they get delivered to the target audience even when they are not interacting with your website or app driving exceptional reach every time you run a push notification campaign.

Enhance your customer acquisition efforts

There are many strategies a company can use to boost their customer acquisition. You can find more detail on those by reading blogs like https://www.sheerid.com/business/resources/customer_acquisition_and_new_user_strategies/ or similar ones. One such strategy is using push advertising, which might have high untapped potential for customer acquisition. With push notifications, you gain global market access and can target both existing clients and gain new users. They also allow you to target users on every device and platform, including both web notifications and mobile push notifications.

Personalization options and instant delivery

Using push notifications, you can send over million notifications instantly to your global audience. The speed of delivery can be improved with advanced personalization options. You can also choose when a user would view the notifications and make it interactive by adding images, videos, and emojis.

Greater impact at lower prices

Considering the cost of push notifications, push notification advertisements are cost-effective as they offer a great impact for low costs. And they offer a lot of benefits including higher user engagement by delivering short and precise notifications.

You can add certain conditions and times that trigger the delivery of your push messages in a timely fashion. Your push notifications can be built on a map which makes it much easier to plan your push notification delivery. This makes them cost-efficient and worth the money spent.

Engaged users and higher retention

Push messages are a new form of native ads not just to the site content but to user interests. This is because, with push messages, you can get a target user base, who are genuinely interested in the products and services you present. With push notifications, you can also remind our existing customers about your products. Push notifications have proven to increase user retention by 20%.

Most users simply forget about the site or application. That is why it is important to constantly remind your customers about your business via push messages. This is one great way to retain users by sending exclusive offers and discounts via push messages which is how you show your users you want them back in your site and you care for them.

Better conversions

Push notification is a great tool to drive conversions. You can segment your users based on different factors and by delivering the content they are interested in for a better impact. For instance, an eCommerce brand can deliver push messages based on the purchase history of its users. You can also find out both cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for each user segment and target your customers based on that criteria to increase repeated purchases.

This ad format allows your customers to engage with your advertisements at their convenience. Push ads can wait for the users so that they get adequate time to see and engage with the ads whenever it is convenient for them.

Types of push notifications

As we have already discussed, push notifications can be broadly classified into 2 different types. Web push notifications and mobile notifications.

Web push notifications

Web push messages are browser alerts that notify the users to take action. To opt-in for the messages, users have to permit to receive notifications from a brand when visiting a site. Businesses can send them to alter customers about news, events, sales, and promotions.

Web push notifications allow businesses to enjoy the benefits of push messages without the need for a mobile application. You can set up customized web notifications that can be displayed in multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.

Mobile push notifications

Mobile push notifications are push messages sent by mobile applications. Just like web push notifications, mobile push messages can be sent to users to alert them about product information, any ongoing offer, alert about sales, remind them about events or prompt them to take appropriate action. However, to receive mobile push notifications from an app, users must have the app installed on their mobile devices.

How does push ad pricing model work?

Before we discuss more about the cost of push notifications, it is important to know how push advertising pricing model works. Most of the push notification services offer two popular types of campaigns: Cost per click (CPC) and CPM (cost per mile or impressions).

With CPM, you have to spend money on the total number of times your advertisements are displayed. In this case, the cost is fixed and not dependent on the number of visitors who click on your ad.

Whereas with CPC, you need to spend your budget based on the clicks you receive. When a visitor makes a click on your advertisements, they are redirected to your site where they would be converted to your customers.

The CPC model brings more predictable results. Because you will always clearly know the number of clicks you can receive with your push ad campaign budget. Whereas a CPM depends on your creatives.

The more creative you push notifications are the better results from a price point of view. With push notifications that have a low CTR, you get a bad experience. To prevent this, you can test different variations of your push messages, analyze their CTR, and make changes to make it better.

You also need self-hosted web push notification tools like Pushmaze you can install in your web service and add to your site domain to begin pushing notifications right from your site.

How to calculate the cost per user?

Regardless of the pricing model you select, your aim must be to gain a target audience for your ads. To achieve this, you need to have a strong script for your ads to them attractive and compelling.

The type of ad format you choose plays a significant role and have a higher CTR than other ad formats. The CPM and CPC price plans start at the lowest price of $0.01/impressions and $0.005/click respectively. To calculate the price of the traffic you get from your ad campaigns, you must also consider the value of targeted conversions you get for the budget spent.

For example, if you intend to buy a bid for $10 at $0.05/click, you must at least get 2000+ visitors. And if your revenue/conversion is as low as $5, you can easily get back your $10 by making at least 2-3 conversions from the traffic of 2000 visitors.


To conclude, push notification advertisements are a popular type of ad format offering a user friendly, non-intrusive, and highly engaging method for advertisers to reach and connect with their users. Push ads are powerful tools that help to generate more viewers, leads, and clicks to enhance brand awareness and improve user interaction across all channels.

Moreover, they are highly cost-efficient considering the pricing of push messages and the value you get from the campaigns. To boost the performance of push marketing campaigns, you must constantly track and manage their efforts.

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