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Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Business?

It is important for every marketer today to choose the appropriate social media platform. This is irrespective of whether they want to increase brand loyalty, improve brand awareness, offer knowledge on trending subjects, or enhance customer service. Using the right social media platform also helps in connecting with professionals or connecting with the creative sides of the users through videos and photos.

However, you would be reflecting on how to select a social media platform that’s is perfect for your business. An organization can leverage social media to stay connected with its existing customers and increase awareness among potential consumers by promoting content, sharing campaigns, and so on. We will discuss how to choose a social media platform that is best for your business in this article.

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1. Instagram

Instagram focuses on pictures, similar to Pinterest. If a business wants to showcase its services or products through visuals, it can leverage Instagram to do so. At the same time, such a business should invest in a good camera, an experienced photographer, and good concepts to succeed on this social media platform. An entrepreneur may also use the platform’s “story” section or “reels” feature behind the scenes and keep the viewers engaged and updated.

Brands that may use this social media platform include fitness, food & beverages, photography, lifestyle, fashion, makeup & grooming, arts & crafts, and adventure sports. All these happen to be visually appealing brands that can utilize Instagram as a key medium to promote their businesses.

2. Facebook

It is undoubtedly the most widely used social media platform in the world and can be used in a wide variety of businesses. Many small businesses do not have a website of their own and receive all their orders through their group or page on Facebook. As Facebook is restricting the reach of its page posts, it may not be appropriate for B2B companies.

As such, B2C companies that spend plenty of time crafting their perfect post on Facebook may not always get the reach they merit. However, these businesses should still have a presence on this social media platform to increase the popularity of their brands. Facebook is ideal for brands, such as entertainment, e-commerce, media or news, food & restaurants, travel, and many other aspirational and lifestyle products.


3. Twitter

Twitter boasts more than 330 million active users per month. The platform is perfect for sharing trending news, topics, and short life updates of famous people, personal thoughts, humor, and opinions.

The platform also enables users to take part in exciting brand contests and quickly come across like-minded users to follow. If you own a media or news company, the platform is superb for your business.

The same logic is applicable to internet celebrities, journalists, celebrities, and FMCG enterprises that wish to have an increasing list of followers by conducting giveaways and contests. Typically, you should only use Twitter when you have a lot of time to spend on it. After all, you have to respond quickly on this platform. Businesses who are into e-commerce services, FMCG products, celeb management, media and news, finance, sports, and politics can use Twitter.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is fondly referred to as the “professional” variant of Facebook by many people. The platform enables a business to connect with business people, professionals, and well-known thought leaders from diverse fields. The platform was formed as a B2B medium and is a great choice for marketing B2B brands and companies.

Are you a B2B enterprise or a large business? Then your main social media focus has to be on LinkedIn. The platform has more than 250 million monthly active users, and hence, it is an ideal platform to connect to more thought leaders and professionals in your industry.

5. YouTube

YouTube has more than 1 billion active users every month and is the 2nd most widely used search engine, trailing just behind Google. You can imagine the kind of influencing power this social media platform has. There are channels exclusively meant for fitness, fashion, sketches, short films, tutorials, knowledge, and reviews, which can be showcased through clips/videos on YouTube.

Similar to Facebook, YouTube can be leveraged for promotional goals by B2B, as well as B2B enterprises. If you are into a high investment purchase business like the real estate sector, YouTube will help you to showcase your services and products. The platform can help you to build reliability and brand awareness.

A channel on YouTube can also come in handy for all those enterprises who wish to use a video on their blogs or websites, as these videos are typically embedded through YouTube.

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