Ted Hickman

Why Automated Customer Service is the Future (With AI Technology)

You read that right, automated customer service is the future. Seriously!

I am speaking, of course, about AI and chatbots.

Customer assistance chat bots

It isn’t too far into the future. Automated customer service is already here. In fact, it’s usually the easiest and quickest customer service call you make. Sometimes, however, it can be completely useless and leaves you no further forward than before, which only leads to frustration and a strong desire to talk to a real person who can actually help. In some areas, such as IT support, a real person on the other end of the phone is what you need. Denver managed it services offer this sort of support, making the service reliable, friendly and easy to navigate. In other circumstances, however, AI chatbots can get the job done, especially if you only have a simple request. Let me tell you about the time I visited a conference call company called DataLogix:

I called to cancel my membership to DataLogix. I gave my account number and phone number and my desired contact and time. The automated customer service assistant was able to answer my call before I finished speaking. The woman was polite, but very soft-spoken. I noticed she got through all my details quickly and efficiently – I had no problem cancelling my membership. I asked her if DataLogix was already processing my cancellation. “Yes,” she responded. “All you have to do is provide your credit card number and check the cancellation notification.”

Check out these reasons why automated customer service with AI technology is the future. What are some of the customer trends that appeal to you about introducing automated customer service in your company?

Automating recruitment

To have an effective automated customer service design, you need to select the right automation tasks from the start, using hiring and onboarding software that introduces the prospective employees to the processes that will form part of the organization’s operation. First, make sure there is no single – size – fit – solution to introduce customer and service automation into your business. Some recruiting and onboarding software is made for specific industries to help those hiring – for example, Tenstreet is trucking software designed to make it as easy as possible for companies to recruit great drivers and manage compliance while the drivers are on the road, among other things. It’s definitely worth looking for software that is industry-specific, if possible, that way you can be confident that you won’t be paying for features that aren’t relevant to your business at all.

Automating customer service

Not all types of customers belong in automated customer service, and not all customer services and automations are created equally. When you develop a plan to automate your customer service, focus on where the automation of your human team can play to each other’s strengths. Customer service automation brings great benefits to the customer and team without losing the voice of the brand and human contact, especially when it is customer-centric.

So, we’ve touched on some of the best automation tools for customer service that you can use in your small business. Say you have a phone-based customer service, perhaps then a software (https://wellsaidlabs.com/features/api, for example) that can use a script created by your team, and record it in an AI voice of your choosing can be worth considering. Doing this would reduce manpower, and provide consistent service to your customers. However, there is more than one way to skin the cat, and there is no shortage of ways to automate the process of customer service. It’s all about finding some great tools to automate your customers service workflows to provide them with the best possible experience.

In reality, there are many ways to improve the customer experience by using the latest technology.

Automating the core operational processes

Automation can help you streamline business processes, including customer service, marketing, customer service, sales and marketing communications, so that consistent customer service builds trust in your customers and delivers what they want to tell their friends. Once you have social media and the perfected automation of transactional email under control, there are several ways and tools you can use to automate and improve your customer and service offerings so that your customers can keep coming back. Remember that if you decide to automate customer service, you should try not to make customers wait for an answer – the quicker you address their concerns, the happier they will be. Automating your customer service functions will help save time for employees and improve the customer experience for your brand.

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