Ted Hickman

Why choose a bespoke over an ‘off the shelf’ paper bag for your business

Standing out from your competitors is one of the key challenges that needs consideration when entering a new market. Whilst you can compete on the product, price and feature of what you are supplying a quick win you can get is on the packaging you use in your business.

Many do not fully realise the branding possibilities of paper bags and other forms of product packaging. Keep reading to find out how opting for bespoke paper bags gives you a number of qualitative benefits over standard ‘off the shelf bags’.

  1. You can create a bag that matches your brand holistically

Having physical manifestations of your brand that are properly aligned with your holistic brand planning is essential to creating a coherent experience for your customers. With that in mind, if you have the opportunity to select the right material for your bespoke paper bag you can match it to the section of the market you are entering using, for example, higher quality materials if you are selling a premium product.

  • You can get your branding on the bag exactly how you want it

Once you have chosen the right material for your bag, the next step is to position the branding to be printed on your bespoke paper bag. Make sure all the colours match and are properly aligned with the rest of your business. It is also worth looking into what colours work on different paper bag materials.

  • You have the final say over what printing method is used on the bag

If you are buying a bag that has little flexibility in terms of the printing method you may end up with a product that feels off. However, if you design and order a bespoke paper bag you will have the final say over the printing type used. This means you can select the perfect one for your business.

Make sure you work alongside your bespoke paper bag supplier to get the best value

When ordering bespoke paper bags it is inevitable that you will have to take more of an active role in the design and production process. Because of this, we recommend putting in a little extra research time to find a bespoke paper bag manufacturer who you as a business can work with to create the best possible product.

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