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Why LinkedIn is the Best Platform to Grow Your B2B Start-up

If you are starting a business in 2021, having a brand presence on LinkedIn is vital. LinkedIn has been around for almost 20 years. In that time, it has evolved into a powerful platform to grow your business which is why you may want to consider visiting a website similar to https://serp.co/top-picks/best-linkedin-automation-tools/ in the near future.

Here are top reasons why you should use LinkedIn as a business owner:

1) It’s an excellent place to find potential clients and lead generation opportunities. LinkedIn has around 756 million users, and with an effective outreach strategy in place, you can attain the B2B leads that will help your business grow exponentially.

2) You can establish a favorable and trustworthy brand image. Consumers today tend to do their research online before making a purchase decision. Being the top social platform for businesses, it is one of the primary sources they would look up aside from your website.

Source: Gartner

3) You can connect with other thought leaders in your industry. Many established leaders on LinkedIn would be keen to provide you with valuable advice. Once you’ve created a strong relationship, you could even get referrals from them down the line.

4) You can tap into a wealth of marketing opportunities. LinkedIn has plenty of advertising methods available, from sponsored content to lead generation ads. If you’re looking for a more cost-efficient marketing strategy, consider creating content regularly on the platform.

5) You can measure the success of your LinkedIn strategy. This reason goes hand-in-hand with the point about using lead generation ads. You can see how well your content is performing and get a sense of what people are curious about by looking at their engagement rates.

How to Improve Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Here are some growth hacking tips to help you attract clients on LinkedIn:

Create a lead generation profile

You’ll want to have your contact information and a clear description of your business on your company profile. This way, your prospects will have an easier time reaching out to you.

It will also be beneficial if you add the title of one or two articles that give people an idea of what you do. Provide links back to those posts from within the description on LinkedIn for those curious enough to click through. This way, your target audience has easy access to all content related specifically to them when starting their research process. The more information they’re exposed to before contacting you, the better.

Create a lead generation form

You’ll also want to create a lead gen form where people can fill out their criteria for starting a project with you. This form allows them to express what they’re looking for in the right way, so it’s easier for you to find prospects that fit your business profile and services better than others who reached out cold.

Content Marketing

Share relevant and updated content on your LinkedIn feed. Content marketing is a great way to get in front of more people starting their research process and may not know where else to look. For example, you could share posts on starting a business. The idea here is to show up when they’re looking by providing something helpful and insightful related specifically to their needs.

Source for hashtags

Hashtags are often associated with entertainment content, but they are also an excellent tool for lead generation on LinkedIn. Research what hashtags your target audience follows, then include them in relevant LinkedIn posts. Hashtags can help increase exposure and, subsequently, leads for your business. Try using this chrome extension to speed up your research and quickly get to using the best hashtags.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Join one of the many Entrepreneur Groups on LinkedIn to discuss starting up a company as an entrepreneur. You could learn SEO tips, how to get early traction, or what you should know before starting your company from these vibrant communities.


Try employing the strategies discussed in this post and see which works best for your business. To further boost your lead generation on LinkedIn, you could greatly benefit from this engagement advertising tool, which can help amplify your reach by 5x.

Here’s to starting your B2B business!Author bio: Sally Gan is a content writer for FILT Pod, a community of business owners who are committed to driving each other’s brand forward on LinkedIn. Her passions include writing, psychology and music.

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