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TedHickman.com may be a blog that’s named after one person, but by no means does that mean I’ll be the only one contributing to it. As mentioned in the bio, I don’t believe in a one-sided view on all things business and entrepreneurship, but rather understand the full value of what a joint effort in striving for business success can do. This is how it should be and this is how it’s going to be if you heed the call to write to us with your contributions.

I promise to read any and all correspondence, even though I might not have the time to ever get to responding to each and every bit of correspondence sent through.



    If you’re going to choose at least one way of getting in touch and letting us know that you’ve interacted with and obtained some value out of any post, let it be through the comments section that’s part of each post. We generally love for things to be kept positive and constructive, so please, no personal attacks on other readers and commenters. You don’t necessarily have to agree with everything posted, but let’s keep things civil, please.

    Criticism and feedback

    As mentioned, since opinion will forever be divided as far as best business practices go, particularly with regards to some of the finest details, you might not necessarily agree with everything I post, in which case I welcome your criticism and feedback. Contribute to the discussion by writing in, whether your feedback is affirmative or otherwise.

    Debate is healthy in the world of business and there are some areas in which the tiniest of details make the biggest of differences, which is why if you don’t quite fully understand something or if you’ve had a little bit of a different experience you shouldn’t hesitate to add value with your contribution.

    Topic ideas

    Sometimes it takes someone else covering a specific topic from a different point of view for you to gain better clarity on it, so we also welcome contributions in the way of ideas for topics to discuss. I’m not making any promises to cover every last topic idea that comes in, but often people who are immersed in the world of entrepreneurship and business generally have similar struggles to contend with, so the likelihood is that what you might want to be discussed will already be in the pipeline.

    If you’re looking for advice on what topics to cover, there’s a list of suggested topics here:

    • small business advice
    • funding advice
    • start up businesses
    • finding a business niche
    • business strengths and weaknesses
    • ecommerce
    • business loans
    • business insurance
    • business law
    • success stories
    • business hardship
    • recruitment
    • international business

    If you’re unsure, send it through in any case!

    Guest posts

    If you’re any kind of writer and you understand the value of guest posting to the construction of your writer’s bio, we’d love to hear from you too and are open to the possibility of featuring your guest posts. Naturally, your contributions would have to fall in line with the theme and topic of this blog and so we ask that you please get in touch first before submitting completed works, so that we can iron out some issues up front, such as whether we are indeed looking for that content at the moment.

    Sponsored posts

    Sponsored posts are a little different to guest posts because they involve a little bit more of a commercial aspect to them, so naturally, these are handled a little differently to guest posts. Generally, sponsored content is appreciated and will always be considered, but as is the case with guest posts, please get in touch first to make a query about the exact details of the process.

    Sponsors have to contribute content in good faith and content that adds value to our readers, so we don’t just publish absolutely anything as long as it’s paid for…

    The editorial process

    Naturally, the indication would be that the editorial process applies more to the guest posts and sponsored posts and it’s as simple as first writing in to enquire about the details of the process, such as what kind of content we’re willing to accept, how much it costs to sponsor a post, the writing style, etc.

    How to get in touch

    You can contact me in any way that best suits you, whether you choose to hit me up via the social media channels on which you manage to find me or via any means available through this blog itself.