Ted Hickman

3 key ways air compression boots benefit your recovery

If you are a young athlete working on your future career 2020 and the beginning of 2021 will have been a tough pill to swallow. The cancelling of many entry-level events means that the training of many will have been compromised whether you are competing on the track, field or in the water!

Whilst it has been a tough 14 months, all hope is not lost. The summer looks like it could offer some hope and this could mean the return of grassroots sports. Getting yourself on a good competing shape may seem tough and the shorter time frame that many will be working on means recovery could be compromised.

If you are looking to take your recovery and performance to the next level, This is where air compression boots could come in. Here we take a look at 3 key ways that air compression boots like those offered from Recoverfit could improve your recovery and get you ready for your next competition.

  • They increase blood flow without restricting the vessels

One of the drawbacks of cold water therapy is the fact that it constricts blood vessels. This may work for recovery in the short term but it can negatively affect it over an extended period of time. Air compression boots offer the same benefit without damaging effects, and this is great for your recovery.

  • They allow you to train harder

Training hard is important if you are looking to make progress but if you do not optimise your recovery simultaneously then you are unlikely to see sustainable results. Air compression boots help you train harder by greatly increasing the quality of your recovery. The reduced recovery time will also keep you in the gym longer which provided you are following a good regime should lead to increased performance over the long run.

  • Air compression boots can increase your range of motion

Strength and cardiovascular fitness are only two components of the performance wheel. Many are looking to increase their range of motion as a means of increasing performance within and outside of the gym.

Air compression boots help you increase your range of motion by supporting the muscles through god recovery. This should help you perform better in the gym and it could also translate to better results within whatever sporting ring you are competing in.

Are air compression boots right for you?

These are just some of the benefits that you could reap when using air compression boots, but all this does come with a pretty hefty price tag. This is why air compression boots are often the preserve of elite athletes and sports teams, but they are becoming more accessible to the general fitness community.

See if any of your local gyms/health centres offer air compression therapy, this will give you a good idea of how good the boots are. Make sure you do your research and make sure that air compression boots are the right option for your recovery.

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