Ted Hickman

Businesses That Have Benefitted From Technology Advances

Over the past decade, we have seen technology grow at an exponential rate which has seen the technology us consumers and industries have available to us become rather impressive. Due to this, many of us are now so reliant on tech to get us through our everyday lives but some industries have been able to benefit more than others to improve their goods and/or services and below we look at home they have benefitted.

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One industry that has been able to benefit is that of the digital payments industry like businesses such as PayPal who have been able to adapt with the new tech and been able to offer newer payment markets to businesses and consumers. The tech has allowed us to be able to trust in companies such as PayPal for all our secure payments online whether that be purchasing goods or event just transferring money to friends and family. PayPal are now everyway we go and have become one of the main ways that we use to purchase goods on e-commerce sites.

Furthermore, tech giants like Apple and Samsung have been able to use the new technologies on the market to develop their smartphones in a way which many consumers just a decade ago wouldn’t think would be possible. The full retina displays that smartphones are now able to offer are incredibly impressive, the camera systems on the phones further push the narrative as to why you would ever own a camera alone again and the Touch ID and Face Recognition features that these types of smartphones are able to offer further improve the security on our smartphones – very impressive.

And finally, online entertainment services like Netflix for example have been able to create a new market since their release in 2012 have ensured that we can now watch our favourite TV shows and movies form anywhere win an internet connection. This has now become quite a competitive market with companies like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ now jumping on the success shown by Netflix. Moreover, other online entertainment services like online casinos such as these have also seen a surge in numbers recently due to the quality of the user interface, they are able to offer, alongside a wide variety of your favourite casino’s games with the promise that your gambling fun won’t be limited by gamstop. Not only that, but they are currently offering promotional deals for all new punters signing up now which is certainly enticing for anyone.

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