Ted Hickman

Entrepreneurs Build Successful Businesses by Solving Problems

When entrepreneurs come to us to fix business problems they’re often focused on the immediate task at hand. They need a solution, and so do their employees. We’ve seen entrepreneurs dive into a problem with only the experience of solving the same type of problem over and over. There is no grand design. No grand idea. No grand vision. And these entrepreneurs are the worst entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can’t solve problems like that.

Great entrepreneurs solve the problems of existing businesses. Those startups can be disorganized and unrealistic. This is what they have built their businesses on. They aren’t solving problems that have yet to arise, and solving problems for the first time is quite different from solving them for the first time.

When you visit Ssbhg.ca for instance, you know exactly what you want to achieve, so that’s a platforms that solves a specific “problem” or fills a specific needs.

Great entrepreneurs build on successful business models. They build out of the models that have already existed. Their business models aren’t in existence until they solve the problems of businesses that have solved them already. The businesses can then use those models to solve new problems and expand into new areas.

Successful business owners build successful businesses by identifying a problem to solve, then identifying a business model or revenue stream that will help them solve it. Then they can build a company around it. That’s how entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

An entrepreneur doesn’t see some of the best occasional chairs as merely chairs for their house or office, but rather as an opportunity to perhaps generate some event, content, environment, atmosphere, etc, which can be monetized in some or other way. It’s not a simple matter of just buying low and selling high. It’s about identifying some value to add and then price the final solution or offering accordingly.

Solving Problems for the First Time

New business owners don’t know what they don’t know. They build businesses from scratch based on their business model, not based on their business model as a problem to solve. There are countless entrepreneurs out there who started businesses with no idea of what their business models were and they ended up with businesses that are chronically unsuccessful.

Entrepreneurs are rarely the problem, but entrepreneurs often end up being the problem. Entrepreneurs don’t know the value of business models. They build their businesses like a marketing model, but no one wants to buy from a marketing model. So entrepreneurs build their businesses like a sales model, but no one wants to sell a sales model. So entrepreneurs build businesses like a product model, but no one wants to buy products with no one selling.

Entrepreneurs build businesses by solving the problems of businesses that have already solved their problems. Their businesses don’t exist yet because entrepreneurs haven’t yet solved those businesses’ problems. Entrepreneurs need to take the risks associated with solving the problems of businesses that haven’t solved their problems. This is the only way entrepreneurs create successful businesses that solve their business problems for the first time.

Had they invested in business software, consulted any firms on how to go about their business, or even taken an outsider’s opinion on the strategies used, a better perspective on how to go about the business could be achieved. For instance, incorporating the use of an ERP software or systems to be the business, could help ensure that the information used across the business is normalized and has a common user experience. But remember ERP is only one piece of successful business transformation. Organizations opting for this particular software could benefit in many ways including project management, accounting, supply chain operations, and risk management. Additionally, implementing and constantly adapting to the growing market could take the business to greater heights.

Build the Business Model Before Solving the Problem

Great business owners solve problems in business models that have already solved problems. Entrepreneurs create businesses that solve existing problems in existing businesses. Great business owners build a business around solving problems that have already been solved by existing businesses.

Simply going on a quest to learn more about something safety training management software can help you uncover some opportunities seemingly hidden in plain sight.

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