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Joint SEO Ventures

One example of the power of linking internally is that of Airbnb. As we discussed in the Airbnb series on SEO, links tend to be the key to SEO dominance. Not surprisingly, Airbnb leverages its large email list to connect its users with each other to promote its own services.

That said, the company also links to other properties and businesses on their platform. As they explain in a study of over 120 websites and blogs that link to their site, this gives their own site and content a boost of Google’s RankBrain and Google PageRank that helps it to beat out even Google’s own properties.

In that study, Airbnb’s joint SEO efforts were judged by the 20% of the websites that they linked to on the internet. These blogs that link to Airbnb were all in the top 1% of the most frequently linked websites and blogs on the internet. For the sake of reference, these were in the same places that Airbnb ranks, like the “hot spots” of the web, as described by Forbes, like the Huffington Post, the Independent, and Thrillist.

They also tested for the top blogs that linked to their site that were not on the list. For example, these were blogs that ranked for the 20th most popular search, but weren’t in the top 20. Airbnb’s top ten was just that much better than the other top ten that they tested. In fact, Airbnb’s list was 6-7 positions higher than the top 10 list that they tested.

How to Joint Optimize

The whole idea is to find other websites and blogs that are talking about the same topic that you are, and then you can link to them as a point of reference from your own site. Many businesses attempt these SEO practices by themselves, or even with the help of agencies such as this Sacramento SEO company, as well as many others that can be utilized to improve SEO and SERPs of their particular business or service. All of these blogs that you link to are judged to be in the top 3-5% of websites that link to your site. This is a much stronger result than simply linking to your own website that ranks highly and consistently, which is what we talked about earlier. You can link up with a site that offers the best computers for sale, for instance, if you’re maybe doing a review on the best computers for a specific purpose, like perhaps video editing.

Overall, this kind of joint optimization can help you gain a greater foothold within the competitive online environment.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

So what does this all mean for your business? Generally, we want to do the same things that Airbnb does, that is, link internally, and build good links internally as well. But what about your own site?

It means that you need to look at your own site and make sure that you are optimizing it as thoroughly as possible. This may mean reviewing all of your pages from the list of the top 100 sites in the industry.

It is also a good idea to check out the top 100 sites and sites within your industry. This will let you know what the content and links look like, so you can adjust your pages and improve your internal linking and link structure to get a more positive result. You may also want to look at the top ten sites and blogs that you link to and make sure that you have internal links that can help to improve your own site.

So if you are interested in improving your own site in these ways, and improving your link building results internally to get your website ranked higher, then this is a great opportunity for you to do so.


A joint SEO ventures is a great resource for linking internally, so this is a great example of how linking internally can help to improve SEO results for your business. In the long run, this will help to boost your ranking on the web by allowing the organic links that you link to internally to help you gain a greater foothold in the competitive online environment, but this is specialised work which only the Best SEO Company you can work with would be able to do properly and safely.

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