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Re-Visiting the MMO (Make Money Online) Discussion

Rather than invest in buildings being built, another income-producing asset is renting properties that already exist. To make it really passive, you could outsource managing the rental property for a cash-flowing investment to a property management company.

We previously covered ways of creating a passive revenue stream through digital businesses, let us get into the traditional routes of passive income such as renting properties and investing. Let us take a look at several passive investment ideas leveraging investments, wealth creation, and asset-sharing.

No matter where you are in life and how little money you have, you can start investing in assets that will earn money. When you have no money, you can use your time and efforts to build streams of income that grow in the future. Fortunately, today, there are many simple ways to invest in assets that will produce an income, even if you have just $100. By creating a successful app, you can earn a steady stream of revenue from app downloads and advertising.

You will need to invest a little effort in researching apps that are selling, and also in marketing your app, but once you build it, income can be relatively passive, like perhaps referring new signups to platforms such as the online casino you frequent. Essentially, you can do a lot of the work up front, and a little extra effort down the road for the revenue. That is not to say doing extra work does not increase your income, but there is one element of it that does not need extra effort to make money.

That income becomes passive, where you have only had to work once to generate the income, yet have been paid for it repeatedly. For example, you spent 6 months writing a book, and can enjoy royalty income from your book for the rest of your life with no additional work. If you are starting out, high-margin products can be an excellent way to grow your business and make some cash to invest in the next stage, if you approach them with the understanding that, while they are called passive income, they will have some work involved.

You can choose a completely passive approach with the digital products that you build, or you can choose to put in time and money marketing them. If you are running a photography business on Shopify, you can easily integrate digital products, such as prints, or printed-to-order products, such as T-shirts and hats, too, giving you an even bigger stream of passive income, so you can work less and earn more. For instance, you can sell planners and printables as a subscription service, where people could receive new planners each month, or on an individual basis (which makes a great passive income investment, provided you have the traffic!). A significant amount of money that you would earn can be passive, and can be 100% passive to you as an investor, as long as you employ a website management company to handle your online portfolio.

Generally, making involves earning revenue through display ads, affiliate marketing, offering courses, training, services, and a variety of other creative ways of making money on the internet.

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