Ted Hickman

Three Packaging Materials to Boost Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is key in modern marketing and business as a whole. Without it, your business falls out of the limelight fast, or it never reaches it, to begin with. So, you’re probably trying to find every way possible to boost your brand recognition and keep your company in the minds of your customers.

Well, we have three very simple ways you can do that, and we’re going to talk about them here. Don’t worry. They’re not expensive, and they won’t toss a wrench into your current business model. These are as simple as can be.

1: Printed Tissue Paper

This one is so simple that you’ll probably want to kick yourself for not thinking about it. Printed tissue paper does two things.

First, it adds a sense of class to your product’s presentation. Even if it’s something very simple. Let’s say you sell organic soap. You don’t do anything fancy to the soap itself, and it’s rather plain looking. However, you put it in a minimalist-style eco-friendly box; right on top of a bed of eco-friendly printed tissue paper with your brand imagery on it. You have made that simple bar of soap look like something so much more important, and you got your brand’s imagery in front of the customer again after they opened the box.

2: Printed Mailing Boxes

Imagine this:

Your customer opens their door after the mailman knocks. They look down, and all they see is a boring brown box with a boring shipping label on it. They’re probably not too impressed, and unless they’ve been tracking what they ordered, they don’t even know what it is until they open it up. For all they know, it’s a big box of ads they don’t want or some other nonsense.

However, imagine that they open their door to see a well-designed graphic box (probably similar to these Custom Boxes Design) with your company’s brand imagery on it. Now, they have a reason to be excited. They recognize the name of the company they ordered from, they instantly remember what it is they’re getting, and the visual presentation of the box shows the company cares about them.

Now, they’re impressed. That’s all you really need to know about printed mailing boxes.

3: Eco-Friendly Mailing Bags

Small items make for the majority of items shipped globally for consumers. Usually, companies pack their “smalls” into plastic mailing bags and ship them out. This is bad for two reasons.

First, it’s forcing the production of more plastic, and that plastic is likely ending up in a landfill or tossed on the ground.

Then, you have to take into account that those plastic mailing bags rarely have any brand imagery on them. They’re boring and generic.

Eco-friendly bags are different. They’re made of paper created from invasive seaweed species, and they’re printable. So, you can get any custom image you want to be printed on them for a tiny fee. This lets you get your brand imagery on the bag, and it helps the environment; which also helps you align your values with your customers and earn their patronage.

Adapt Your Packaging and Boost Your Sales

If you start using these three packaging materials, your business is going to grow. They just do so much more to help you stand out against major corporations, and they’re not even expensive or time-consuming to use.

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