Ted Hickman

What You Should Know About CART Captioning

Have you heard of CART captioning and are wondering what it is? If you have started to research captions for your business, you will have discovered there are quite a few different types you can use. Indeed, you may be wondering what the best type of captioning is for your company. CART captioning is becoming more popular due to the benefits it can offer. So, let’s learn more about it.

What is CART Captioning?

CART stands for communication access real-time translation. In addition, captions are the text that appears on a television or computer screen that follows the speech or sounds from a video. Therefore, CART captioning is providing a transcription of a live event, lecture or courtroom hearing. An audience will be able to read along with the spoken words and sounds. The software is advanced and this means almost instantaneous text appearing on the screen.

What are the Benefits of CART Captioning?

The main advantage of using CART captioning is to make content accessible and free to use for everyone. In particular, those that are hard of hearing or deaf may struggle to understand concepts presented in a video. In particular, interpreting speech can be difficult even if you are good at lip reading. CART captioning and the speech-to-text transcription means that more people can enjoy the information and communicate with the content live without having to view it later again later on. Hard-of-hearing people are able to access other forms of assistance to make them understand audio as well as videos, this can be in the form of Phonak hearing aids or hearing implants so they have a better chance of understanding what they are looking at along with the captioning on the screen.

CART captioning is also beneficial for people that are not native English speakers and they can read along with the event or video. If you are used to a certain accent, you forget how difficult it can be for non-natives to understand it. CART captions allow everybody to be on the same page. The text is displayed at the same time as the speech. This also applies to anyone who has misunderstood a concept. Sometimes, seeing the words on the screen is going to help them follow along with the rest of the speech.

The good thing about CART captions is that they can be used in a variety of different circumstances. They are very versatile and you can use them in any way that suits you. For instance, if you have business meetings that not everybody is able to attend, you can use CART captioning. This allows everybody to get up to speed on what is happening. In particular, if you have a meeting with someone in another country, this is going to make it easier and mean there is no language barrier between the speakers.

Another example of when you can use CART captioning is for lectures and educational events. Difficult concepts can be hard to understand when someone is talking at you. Being able to see the text on the screen can be beneficial. In a court case, not everybody watching the live video will have legal experience. Instead of missing out on key facts, reading the captions can help you to digest the information.

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